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我有两年的志愿教学服务,我曾经在罗马圣乔治英国国际学校担任过教课助手。我有过跟不同年龄和语言水平的学生交流和接触,在圣乔治的那段时间我接触过IGCSE和IB级学生。 我的教课任务是制作跟课程有关的PPT以及帮助学生们在课堂中能够更好的发挥自己。 我也在学校午休的时候举办过中国探讨所,我会去利用自己的课余时间跟喜欢中国文化的学生们一起交流,帮助他们更好地完成他们的作业。

9 recensioni per 四年家教经验

  1. Gaby

    Very encouraging and takes time to make sure I understand the content at hand!

  2. Gaby

    Ensures that the student understands content and always provides some sort of challenge

  3. laure

    Luigi is extremely well prepared for each lessons! He thoroughly goes through the content to make sure I understand the grammar, vocab and learn new things in the process. He is a very friendly guy and motivated about teaching Chinese. 谢谢 Luigi

  4. Giulia

    If you want to really learn Chinese, Luigi is the best choise you can ever make.
    He makes very lessons very interesting and perfect for my needs.
    I have been learning Chinese mostly by myself for a while and I still had some problems with tones and grammar. Then I met Luigi and he explained me how to better it all and now I feel secure and he helps me with the grammar a lot.
    Luigi makes complicated stuff easy to understand. He is patient and very gentle.
    I reccomend him to everyone. He can teach to children, they would have a lot of fun with him, and to people who think that Chinese is too hard for them. Luigi makes it possible 🙂


    Luigi is a true professional, and he teach lessons with passion ! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  6. Elena

    I only had a lesson with Luigi but I immediately realized that he is a great teacher, he himself is an interesting person able not only to transmit linguistic but also cultural knowledge. Unfortunately due to personal reasons I will not be able to continue teaching, but I really recommend anyone who wants to approach the Chinese language and culture to choose him as a teacher! 加油!

  7. Anonymous

    Luigi works hard to prepare power point for each lesson, and he is a great choice if you want to improve your spoken language. recommended!

  8. Donatella

    The teacher is amazing but audio and video don’t work very good on prepòy

  9. Mariateresa

    He is a very good teacher. He has a lot of good ideas to help the students to remeber the sounds of Chinese and he has also a lot of patience with me. He always try to teach me how to pronounce the chinese sounds.

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