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10 anni di insegnamento e molteplici qualifiche per aiutarti al meglio

(18 recensioni dei clienti)


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● Completamente bilingue italiano-inglese ●
Ho studiato linguistica e letteratura inglese alla London University.
Certificato TEFL e TESOL.
Ora vivo in Thailandia dove insegno inglese da 11 anni, in scuole ed in instituti privati come tutor.
Esperienza nell’insegnare inglese per business, IELTS/TOEFL, TOEIC.
Ex insegnate di conversazione Inglese e TOEIC all’universitá Krirk di Bangkok, ma dal 2019 lavoro per una ditta Italiana a Bangkok, usando sia Inglese che Italiano ogni giorno.
Parlo 4 lingue (italiano, veneto, inglese, thai) e da oltre 10 anni ormai l’inglese è la mia lingua quotidiana sul lavoro ed in famiglia.
Oltre all’inglese ho studiato altre lingue e quindi so bene come ci si sente quando si cerca di usare una nuova lingua. Non abbiate paura di commettere errori! Sono qui per aiutarvi.
Insegno 2 lingue, per favore specificate che volete imparare l’italiano.

18 recensioni per 10 anni di insegnamento e molteplici qualifiche per aiutarti al meglio

  1. Francesco

    I found myself really well. Michael proved to be a patient, competent teacher and a kind person with admirable humility. I hope this was the first of a long series of lessons with the wish of improving my English, fundamental for every area of life in this era where everything is globalized. I recommend him to anyone who wants to learn or improve own English. See you soon Michael! 🙂

  2. Marcelo

    Great Teacher! I will arrange more classes! Thanks!

  3. Dmitrii

    Real experienced tutor with clear English.

  4. Travis

    I met Michele through this website and I have been so happy. He has challenged me every time we meet to not only listen but to speak and strengthen my vocabulary. I have found every single lesson to have a great impact and each class we have I am proud of myself from what I have learned and how I am progressing. Michele has tracked my progress and uses examples from previous classes to keep the lesson growing and building on each one. Even a simple conversation about my day with Michele becomes engaging and I learn how to use my own words to speak the language I am learning. His schedule is VERY flexible and he has on more than one occasion been able to adjust for my busy life.
    I know at this point, after having finished 7 classes with him, I want to continue learning more and more. I feel excited to continue to learn the language as Michele presents it to me.

  5. Bartosz

    Very qualified teacher. I study with him on the basis of free conversation and the time goes by very quickly 🙂 Useful phrases, free, common topics makes the lessons very comfortable and helpful.

  6. Gianpiero

    Michele is a good teacher, prepared and adaptable. After trying various tutors, I have finally found the right tutor. I strongly recommend him because I’m learning a lot from him. Five stars.
    Michele è una persona molto preparata e disponibile, la consiglio a tutti coloro che vogliono imparare o migliorare il loro inglese. Io mi trovo molto bene a studiare con lui!

  7. Francesco

    Da studente di inglese a livello intermediate posso dire, dopo alcune settimane di lezione, che Michael si sta dimostrando un ottimo tutor. Sempre pronto ad assecondare le richieste dello studente, impostando le lezioni nel modo in cui gli è richiesto; ad esempio avevo bisogno di tradurre il mio cv in inglese e si è reso molto disponibile. Ad un’ottima preparazione unisce anche un’evidente passione per l’insegnamento, indispensabile per accompagnare lo studente in una sfida così difficile come quella dell’apprendimento di una nuova lingua.

  8. Amanda

    Ótimo professor, paciente, gentil, engraçado.
    Sempre pontual, possui um bom inglês.
    Converso com ele em inglês para aprender italiano, funciona muito bem.
    Eu gosto de aprender italiano com ele e recomendo.
    Great teacher, patient, kind, funny.
    Always punctual, with a good English.
    I talk in English to learn Italian, everything works great.
    I like to learn Italian with him and recommend.

  9. Eric

    Great Italian teacher, lots of fun to work with.

  10. Kelly

    I’ve never done online classes before. I thought it was amazing. Michael proved himself a great teacher, it was pretty easy to talk to him and learn new words.

  11. Justin

    I never write reviews, however in this case I felt it was warranted… I have been studying Italian for about 1 year, and in that time I have had 2 other teachers, one in person and another online. So far, I have had perhaps 5-6 lessons with Michael and I found that I am hearing and understanding the language better. I would say that it’s because Michael takes the time to make sure that I have understood what he is teaching before he moves on and he explains aspects of the language in a way so that I can understand them. I guess to sum it up: For the first time there is an air of excitement leading up to my lessons… bravo Michael.

  12. BRIAN

    I like michael because he is really easy to talk to and he cuts through what you need to know and what is low or no priority to learn. At my level that is important. Highly recommend!!

  13. Tongman

    Michael is a very patient teacher, he is attentive and helps me to reach my goals. Thank you.

  14. Gosia

    Mike is a stupendous tutor, as his knowledge of the Italian language is quite vast. He recognizes any topic from my textbook and has a full understanding of said topics. He also is very focused on the improvement of his students of which I can attest to.

  15. Evonne

    I wanted to work with a tutor to practice speaking more to compliment the grammar work that I’ve done.
    Michele has been great to converse with. He challenges my knowledge and is able to improvise on the spot to make sure that I’m understanding each concept.
    Very patient and kind while working with you at your level!

  16. radita

    Capace, onesto e puntuale. Ha molta pazienza con i bambini. Sono molto contenta.
    Capable, honest and punctual. He has a lot of patience with children. I’m very content.

  17. Toshi

    Michele is very good to teach me Italian conversation although my level is beginner. He is patient with my poor level and tries to explain from various angle.

  18. Elaine

    We just started learning beginning Italian with Michael and he’s been great. His English is excellent, which helps the learning process.Our goal is to try to learn conversational Italian as quickly as possible since we’re going to Italy in a few months and want to converse with family there. We plan to meet with Michael at least a couple of times per week to meet that goal.

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